Healy Resonance (Pre-Owned)

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Healy Resonance (Pre-Owned)

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Healy lets you analyse the individual frequencies you need at any given moment. We want to help  you improve your wellbeing in a holistic and long-term way–easily and  everywhere. Your health and contentment is our desire  –we want to give you the right frequencies whenever you need them.

Health  begins in the cells. Specifically, with Healthy Cell Membrane Tension.

According  tothe  model by the two researchers RobertO.Becker and Bjorn Nordenstrom (former chairman of the Nobel  Prize Commission), disrupted cell membrane tension is one of the cause so far almost all acute and chronic illnesses.Healy is designed to help you to restore a healthy cell membrane tension.

Fine currents flow permanently in our cells and our entire bodies at various frequencies. According to the above model, cell membrane tension can decrease with increasing age and in the event of illness. This process can lead to pain, inflammation and even to cell-death.

With the right current sand frequencies, Healy is designed to counteract this process and  if necessary, even reverse it.

Healy was developed by Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of the TimeWaver Systems, in cooperation with an international team of doctors, scientists and engineers. After ten successful years with TimeWaver it was his desire to make the therapeutic systems he has developed and the therapy protocols, which have been practically proven in many practices thousands of times, accessible to everybody.

Controlled by a smartphone, Healy is the fi rst wearable that can treat a large number of illnesses. Its aim is to simply give you the frequencies you need at any given moment, whether you are at home, out and about, at work or in your leisure time.

Use the Healy to treat many illnesses, for a mental boost, during sports, for wellness and beauty or to just “pick yourself up“. It is our goal for everyone to have the opportunity to live holistically healthy lives.

Healy is a certified medical product and is designed to assist your wellbeing and health if you suffer from acute or chronic illnesses like pain, depression, sleeplessness, cardio-vascular, intestinal neurological or stress/burnout symptoms and many others.