Dr. Ginger Bowler’s Energy Model

Understanding Energy Model – “Above the Line/ Below the Line” A Simple Model for Understanding Energy and Managing Our Energy Field.

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THE LIGHT (Divinity)


  • We were made in the image and likeness of God.
  • High vibration beings, angels and holy people.
  • Prayer, meditation, singing and chanting.
    Awareness, truth and integrity.
  • Positive, uplifting thoughts, words and deeds.
  • Giving and or receiving blessings, positive intentions.
  • Positive emotions like love, forgiveness, joy, laughter, kindness, compassion, empathy, enthusiasm, appreciation and acceptance.
  • Music and flowers, beauty of all kinds.
  • Holistic and Energy Medicine modalities such as BioGenesis Tools, Hanna Kroeger’s work, LED Light Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Essential oils etc.


  • Happiness / Positive State
  • Good food and beverages (Organic foods, pure water etc)
  • Herbs, Homeopatics, Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients (good quality)
  • Exercise and fun
Above The Light
Below The Line


The Darkness

Under the guidance of the undisciplined head and ego. Our lower nature.

  • Complaining, nagging, bragging and gossip, etc.
  • Non energy movement and stagnant energy. (Energy by its nature wants to move)
  • Dead, chemical food, drink and water; heavily processed and microwave foods.
  • Food that have absorbed negative vibrations from anger or arguments.
  • Negative emotions like hate, jealousy, resentment, unforgiving, critical judgment, self pity and over dramatizing events and issues.


  • A negative state, allowing the mind to think negative thoughts.
  • focusing on what we don’t want and what does not FEEL good.
  • Negative Entities and Dark Forces, the Guy with the Horns
  • The absence of Light.
  • Out of resonance (The experience of separation from source.
Listening & Communicating with Energy.fw

Dr. Ginger Bowler’s Rules for Understanding Energy

16 Rules for Understanding Energy from the book “Listening and Communicating with Energy” by Dr. Ginger Bowler

The “Context” for these rules is “Everything is energy vibrating at its own unique frequency.”


1. Like energy begets like energy

2. Doing things below the line pulls you below the line.

3. There is no such thing as “hovering.” One is either moving up or down the scale, (vibrationally) with each thought, activity, attitude, emotion, and so on…

4. Things above the line have the power to take you above the line when you’ve fallen below the line.

5. Things below the line do not have the power to take you above the line—no matter how unfair that seems.

6. You cannot cheat in this energy game.

7. NO ONE ELSE IS RESPONISIBLE FOR YOUR FALLING BELOW THE LINE; however, others do influence (sometimes greatly) our ability to stay above the line. Therefore, we must be very careful of the company we keep.

8. It’s easier to stay above the line when we surround ourselves with others who spend most of their time above the line.

9. True Happiness exists above the line.

10. People who spend a lot of time below the line do not necessarily want to live above the line. If they thrive on dark (upset) energy, it is necessary for them to stay there to get their energy.

11. It is not your job to get others out of darkness (or above the line). You have enough work to do keeping yourself above the line. (This does not mean that we aren’t to help others, but first we must help ourselves. True service will naturally come from us when we live in the loving state above the line.)

12. A teeny-tiny bit of light eradicates darkness.

13. You will fall below the line. DO NOT PANIC AND JUDGE YOURSELF, as self-criticism only gets you more time below the line. Acknowledge where you are and do something above the line to get you back there, fast.

14. After continued practice and perseverance at staying above the line, it does get easier at staying above the line.

15. For those traveling the “Path of Enlightenment,” time below the line seems inevitable. This time helps us understand the suffering and trials of others and helps us develop needed compassion, empathy, and understanding. So, from that perspective, time at any place in the game is valuable.

16. Add your own rules as your understanding energy increases.