wdt_IDDisease / ConditionBioGenesis Tool and Usage
1ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)Shield of Genesis. Although children normally should not wear the Shield, a child suffering from ADD may wear the Shield for short periods of time at home.
2AddictionsTreat the photograph of the person who has the addiction; use the BioOscillator on the picture a few minutes each day. After treating with the BioOscillator, place a BioGenesis Tool on the picture (any tool). You may leave the BioGenesis Tool on the picture all day and all night, and you may change the tool from day to day. It is good to have the person drink the Wings water, but it is important to treat the picture, as the picture will not offer resistance to the treatments.
3AllergiesBioOscillator should be used. Red Ring of transformation and the Shield may also be used. Place food items in a circle of wheels for 1 or 2 minutes, before cooking.

Specific long-term allergy treatment: Hold the object which gives the negative reaction for 2 or 3 minutes daily. During this time, treat with BioOscillator. Do this for 10 days, every day, a 2 or 3 minute treatment. On the 11th day, you may introduce the substance in small quantities. For instance, if you are treating for a food allergy, you may begin to eat a small amount of the food on the 11th day. After eating, treat with the BioOscillator for a few minutes. Wait 3 days before eating more. During these 3 days, treat frequently with the BioOscillator, short treatments. Just a few minutes is all it takes. After these 3 days, you may begin to eat and enjoy the food.

ENVIRONMENTAL ALLERGIES: For environmental allergies (such as hay fever or allergies to dogs or cats) repeat the Shield Treatment, using the BioOscillator in place of the Flame. Also, use the BioOscillator allergy routine (above). Collect a sample of the dust or the dog hair. Perform the same daily routine as with food items. Smell the item instead of tasting it.
4Alzheimer'sBioOscillator and Flame of Genesis. Wear the Light Violet or the Full Rays wheels (progress or regeneration). Place a pyramid in the room. You may place a wand under the bed of this individual.
5AnxietyHold the Wand for a few minutes several times a day and in the evening before bed.
6ArteriosclerosisFlame of Genesis
7ArthritisFlame of Genesis
8AsthmaTreat with the wand. Hold the wand.
9AtherosclerosisFlame of Genesis
10Autism (especially in children)Wand of Genesis. Place a Wand under the bed of the child.
6. Steps in a BioGenesis Session