Spring in the Garden of Creation

Ascended Master Lantos – 10 May 2003

“Good Morning, Dear Ones,

“Let us enjoy the beauty and splendor of our surroundings.  As the energies and guiding forces of Earth shift, so too will shift the expressions of manifestation upon this Earth.  Change and evolution will come to the small, small animals, as well as to the large, large trees.  Weather will be altered.  We will see these changes coming on all levels of creation.  Winter passes as spring emerges.  We are blessed with the first buds of spring in the Garden of Creation.

“As the forces of balance and harmony rise up to the surface, the elements of negativity and destruction will naturally subside.  We will notice both of these things happening; it is a natural process.  We will witness the emergence of greater blessings and support, while at the same time we will face the passing clouds of destruction as they are removed from this Earth’s domain—such a time of transformation, such days of change.

“You are the Pioneers of this change.  It is a great blessing.  We wish to express to you our deepest levels of gratitude for your work and acts of service.  Blessings.”

Rainbows of Light

Ascended Master Lantos – 26 May 2003

Lantos: “Greetings, Children of Light,

“It is a great joy to see expressed in each of you a sincere commitment to gaining knowledge and deepening experience.  It is such a beautiful process.  As you grow in the knowledge of the Light of Genesis, that self-radiant, all-sustaining Light of Creation grows in you.  Let us give thanks and praise for this blessed path of Knowledge, which is open to us.

“Some of you have asked, ‘How often should I use these Tools of Genesis, these Tools of Light?’  Just as a light rain shower is enough to nurture the environment, so also is the profound capacity for transformation found in only a few minutes of time spent daily with the blessed Tools of Genesis.  Let us open our awareness to the Blessed Experience of the Pure Light of Creation, the radiant Light of Genesis.

“Thank you, dear ones.  Your attention and your experiences carry great blessings throughout the Creation, for the joy of Creation.  Blessings travel as if on Rainbows of Light, spreading to the far reaches of all levels of Creation.  It is a great joy.  It is a great responsibility.”


Ascended Master Lantos – Summer 1998

Cindy: “Andi [Cindy’s child] wants to know about the dinosaurs and if it is possible to see living dinosaurs in our time.”

Lantos: “The energies which gave support and existence to the dinosaurs are asleep right now.  But, in your life you will learn how to visit time periods that sleep.  You may just as easily visit the land of the dinosaurs as you may visit Tania [a family friend] in Germany.

“All time periods exist.  The impact of actions performed in previous or subsequent time periods exists in this present moment.  Records are stored in physical Creation.  To purify one’s self is to illuminate the records of self at every moment in time.  This brings freedom.  We will speak more of these things later.”

Training Seminar Convocation Address

Ascended Master Lantos – 7 March 2000 (Read first on 15 March 2000)

Lantos: “Greetings blessed ones.  We welcome you here as you seek to develop an understanding of the Tools brought forth in this Age under the name of BioGenesis.

“Blessed Carriers of the Light, you have responded to our call to duty.  Arise!  Come forward!  Spread the Light of Peace, the Light of Health, the Light of Knowledge to one another.

“This is the Age of Light.  The great Millennium of Light.  We are structuring Great Capitals of Light.   “You are here to receive a deeper understanding of this Technology of Light.  Let us begin this course with an intent.  For those of you with Translators, you will surely know the speed of return of a desire expressed to a Translator.

“Our intent is for each and every one participating on this course, for the families of the participants, for the directors and designers of this course, for each and every one of you our intent is Illumination.  May the Rays of Truth illumine your minds; may the Rays of Purity illumine your heart; may the Rays of Fulfillment illumine your soul.  May the path you walk be accompanied by the Blessed Celestial Hosts of Light.

“This is our call.  This is our intent.  Let it be so!

“Now Blessed ones, before you begin delving deeply into the knowledge of BioGenesis, I would like to share with you the profound level of appreciation that is held for you and your pursuit of this activity by the Great Beings of Light and the Ascended Hosts.

“During an Assembly at the start of this year, I presented to the Great Beings of Light the information that courses were to be held this year to train people in the knowledge and practice of the Tools of BioGenesis.  The response of appreciation, for you and your choice of this activity to learn and spread the use of these Tools of BioGenesis, was overwhelming.

“There are great expectations placed on the completion of these Training Courses.  Your progress will be closely monitored and our guidance and support shall be present.

“Blessings to all.  Enjoy these Days of Illumination.”

Training Seminar Commencement Address

Ascended Master Lantos – 18 March 2000

Lantos: “Dear Ones,

“Congratulations and well done.  There is great cause for celebration when a gathering of the Light is achieved.  A gathering such as yours has not been achieved for many thousands of years.  The world rejoices in your accomplishment.  The Heavens rejoice in your achievements.

“You depart this assembly Masters of the tools and techniques of BioGenesis.  I use the term Master with due consideration:  your hearts shine in purity, your minds radiate the fullness of the Light of Truth, and your daily calls for illumination have brought and structured the brilliance of the self-radiant nature of Illumination into your souls.  Light has been spread to your families and to your supporters.  And this is before you have left the doors of this Peaceful Retreat.  What Light you will spread to the world!

“It is time now for celebration.  Thank you, Blessed Ones, for your participation.  Well done.  It is well done.”

Call for More Experts

Ascended Master Lantos – 6 July 2001

“Let us call for more experts; there is still much need in the world today.  We must all participate with this great expansion of Light.  The brilliance must spread to all quarters of creation, all corners of the world.  For this we need our experts.  The Light of Genesis has been embraced in the homes.  Now it is time to spread.  We need our experts to guide and spread the Light of Genesis, the Technology of BioGenesis to many areas of society.

“Thank you, dear ones, for your participation.  Many blessings to all.”

City of Light

Ascended Master Lantos – 3 September 1999

Cindy: “What is the purpose of the City of Light?”

Lantos: “The Earth is undergoing a process of great transformation.  Through the service of the blessed hands of the Light, we find an awakening of the Light of Peace, the Light of Truth, the Light of Creation within the heart structure of many thousands of individuals around the World.  It is time now for these numbers to multiply.  Let the Light of Creation shine brightly within the heart of every member of this blessed planet, and from this World let the brilliant rays of Peace shine forth to illumine the farthest reaches of Creation.  This is our hope for humanity.  This is the grand destiny of Earth and her people.  Let Earth enter this new era in which she shall be widely known as the Great City of Light.”