Muti-Colored Pyramid

Instructions: Place this pyramid at the highest point in a room, such as on a bookshelf or mantle; if one pyramid is to be used for a large area, place one or two BioAmplifiers (small or large) on the sides of the pyramid, with the slanted side facing outward.

Effects: The pyramid has been successful in restoring harmony to an environment.  Whether the home or office, BioGenesis Pyramids restore harmony.  Sometimes a short period of increased negativity may be experienced, as the pyramid “rids the halls of darkness.”

8 Sided Pyramid

Instructions: Like the BioGenesis Pyramid, the 8-Sided Pyramid may be placed in any room.  Ideally, place it high up in a room, practically speaking (e.g., on top of a refrigerator, on a bookshelf, on a window sill, etc.).

Effects: The 8-Sided Pyramid establishes a connection with Celestial realms of Light, Beings of Light, Angelic Messengers.  The 8-sided Pyramid will bring more energy, greater happiness, success and fulfillment.



Instructions:  Use the BioTranslator whenever you want to send a desire out to the Forces of Creation responsible for acting upon them.  Also, use the BioTranslator before giving a session with BioGenesis products.  Approach the BioTranslator (you may have it positioned on a table, desk, etc., or you may hold it) and use any form of sending desire with which you feel comfortable—prayer, affirmation, visualization, etc.

Place the BioTranslator on your written desires.  Place the BioAmplifer next to the BioTranslator, on the written desires.

If using the BioTranslator to improve vision, while your eyes are closed, hold the BioTranslator over one eye, very close to the eyelid.  Keep it there until you start to feel a tingling or vibrancy behind the eye; then, hold the BioTranslator over the other eye.  Again, hold it there until you feel a tingling or vibrancy at the back of that eye.  This should be a brief session, only a few minutes, and should be done while you are resting.  Do this treatment no more than twice a day.

Effects:  The BioTranslator calls into action powerful Forces in Creation to come to your assistance with whatever your desires hold, whether for greater health, happiness, safety, security, love, abundance, etc.  Be sure to place the BioTranslator and the BioAmplifier on your written desires.



Instructions:  Use the BioAmplifier with other tools, such as the Pyramid, the BioTranslator, or the Wings of Genesis, to magnify the effects of those tools.  The BioAmplifier fits snugly alongside the BioTranslator, with the slanted side of the BioAmplifier facing away from the BioTranslator.  When used with the Pyramid, place the BioAmplifier alongside the Pyramid, with the slanted side facing away from the Pyramid.  When used with the Wings of Genesis, place the BioAmplifier outside the container of water, with the slanted side facing inward (this is important at the beginning of usage of the Wings of Genesis). Use the BioAmplifier in a session, as well.  Hold the BioAmplifier so that its base is just a few inches above the person’s body. Using spiral or circular motions, move the BioAmplifier over the body.

Effects:  The BioAmplifier is effective in magnifying the effects of other tools. The BioAmplifier has been indicated to be effective in helping to remove toxins from the body when used in a session.

Flame of Genesis

Flame of Genesis

Instructions:  Hold the Flame firmly in one hand, with the point facing the body; remember, the point is sharp, and should not come into contact with the body.  Move the Flame around the body, with the point anywhere between 2 – 18 inches away from the body.  (When addressing a stubborn condition, such as a tumor or established arthritis, it is a good idea to position the Flame closer to the body; when addressing a sensitive condition, such as a recent trauma, or a young child, you may find it more comfortable to position the Flame further from the body.  Especially when using the Flame on children and animals, be careful that the Flame is far enough away to ensure that the person / animal will not be injured by any sudden movements, as children and animals frequently make. )  Use spiral or circular motions, or any other motion you desire to use, such as a back-and-forth motion

Effects:  The Flame of Genesis helps restore harmony to a number of conditions in the body, including to:  physical traumas; body organs; and degenerative conditions / diseases (such as arthritis).

Wand of Genesis

Wand of Genesis

Instructions:  In a session, hold the Wand anywhere from 3 – 36 inches away from the body, using spiral or circular motions, or other movements you desire (such as back-and-forth motions).  This part of the session will usually take approximately 5 – 10 minutes (in a 1-hour session).  Have the person receiving the session hold the Wand in both hands for a period of time at the very end of the session (e.g., for a few minutes).

When using the Wand to remove voids of energy in your home/office/land, remember to keep the Wand hidden from view; it is a good idea to keep the Wand in its cardboard container.  Place the Wand in a desk drawer, file cabinet, file, cash register, safe, and any other area you want to ensure has no voids of energy.  Remember that wealth moves via energy, and a void acts as a roadblock.

Effects:  When used in a session, the Wand redirects the currents of energy in, through and around the body.  It helps ensure that the currents of energy support the healing of the body, as well as a general healthful environment for the physical body.  The Wand restores harmony to stress & anxiety, emotional trauma / grief, as well as to some mental disorders, such as mental retardation and borderline personalities disorder.

When used in a home/office/land, the Wand ensures that no voids of energy exist.  It removes the roadblocks to your success that exist in the form of energy voids.

Wings of Genesis

Instructions: Place the Wings in a container of water (glass or plastic) at night, and remove in the morning; drink the water first thing in the morning.  If you desire, you may also drink the water in the evening, before bed.  (You may drink the water any time during the day or night, but the effective times are morning and evening.)  When first starting to drink the Wings of Genesis water, it is a good idea to place the BioAmplifier outside the container of water, with the slanted side facing inward (do this for the first few weeks).  Be sure that the person drinking the water is sleeping in the presence of a Pyramid.  Repeat this process until the desired results are realized.

Effects: The Wings of Genesis help restore harmony to the misdirected growth of cells, as well as to addictions.  You may notice the water tastes different from untrained water; please note the taste results from the inter-action of the Genesis Energy with the cells of the body, not from any physical change in the water itself.  The Wings of Genesis does not alter the water (e.g., it will not purify the water), except for adding the Genesis Energy to the water.

Genesis Pendant

Genesis Pendant

Instructions:  Wear on the body, preferably around the neck.  This may be done for as long as desired.

Effects:  The Genesis Pendant sends a signal out to its environment to enjoy the light of BioGenesis.

Shield of Genesis – Large

Shield of Genesis

Instructions:  You may wear the Shield, or you may keep in near you (e.g., in a purse or briefcase).  You may also keep the Shield in your car, such as in the glove compartment.

Effects:  The Shield of Genesis helps to provide physical protection to those around it.  While it is difficult to claim that anything can provide absolute protection from harm, the Shield of Genesis generates a transparent, bubble-like shield (the Shield of Creation) around the wearer, or around the car (if the Shield is stored in a car).

NOTE:  The Shield of Genesis is not to be worn by children or by the elderly (Lantos described children as those who have not yet taken on the responsibility of driving a car, while the elderly would constitute those who have retired from day-today responsibilities of life).  For children and the elderly, there is a Small Shield of Genesis which may be worn.



Instructions:  Read page

Effects:  Supports the removal of toxins, both from the body and from the environment.  Helps restore harmony to infection.  Strengthens and regenerates the body. The BioOscillator also removes negativity stored up for centuries.



Instructions:  Simply wear the BioTrinity (or carry it in a pocket).  At night, place on or near your BioGenesis Pyramid or 8-Sided Pyramid.

Effects:  This is a holy symbol, which has been worn and carried by Masters from many traditions, many backgrounds.  It enlivens the Three Great Rays:  the Ray of Knowledge, the Ray of Love and the Ray of Purity.  The BioTrinity also provides unlimited vision, vision unrestricted.  (This is a vision of the correct path or direction one should take in life.)

Wheel of Hope

Instructions:  There are many different ways to use the Wheel of Hope.  In a BioGenesis session, place the Wheel of Hope on the person’s chest, over the heart, at the beginning of the session (just after setting the intent with the BioTranslator).

You may also wear the Wheel of Hope or sleep with it under your pillow.  You may also place the Wheel of Hope under the doormat of your home / office.

Effects:  Lantos explained: “It is the very special combination of this Wheel of Hope, at this time, with the Wheel treatments, that will bring on many miracles.  We will see many great transformations.”  Additionally, Lantos explained the purpose for placing the Wheel of Hope over the person’s heart at the beginning of a BioGenesis session: “In this way, the pure Flames of Hope are present, opening the heart and illumining the mind….  The Wheel of Hope opens the gates for the blessings from the Great Beings.  The Flames of the Wheel of Hope purify and prepare the individual to receive the many, many blessings from the divine Beings of Light.”  Also, placing the Wheel of Hope under your doormat will help to purify the intentions of those entering your home.

Order in which Tools are used

As a general guideline, the following order of tools should be followed.

  1. Translator (set intent for the session)
  2. Wheel of Hope (place on person’s chest)
  3. BioOscillator
  4. BioAmplifier (this tool may be used before the BioOscillator, if you so choose.)
  5. Flame of Genesis
  6. Wand of Genesis


In the early 1970s, Hanna Kroeger,one of the six holistic pioneers of the twentieth century, as listed by New Life magazine, and founder of the first health food store west of the Mississippi River, decided to start a small chapel. She asked Linda Demaray, her best friend, if Linda’s family would like to join. At one of the first meetings at this little chapel, where only the Kroeger and Demaray families were present, a tall man walked in the chapel; he wore a long, white robe and a tall, high priest’s hat. He proceeded to go to each person present and tell them the gift of the Holy Spirit that they had for this embodiment. When he came to Cindy Demaray (Linda’s daughter), he told her that she would bring Light to the world. After addressing each person, he walked outside, and the two families followed. Standing in an empty field, this tall man addressed Linda Demaray: “Your daughter has great vision,” he said. “Believe her when she tells you she sees things. She is to bring Great Light to the world.” Linda turned to look at Hanna Kroeger, who was standing to her left, and Hanna exclaimed, “Believe him! Believe what he tells you! He’s a holy man! He’s a holy man! Believe him. Believe what he says.” Linda then turned to ask the tall man a question, but he had disappeared. Linda asked Hanna if she had seen where he went, but she had not. Asking the others present if they had seen where this man had gone, Linda discovered nobody had seen him leave. Standing in a large, open field, he had simply disappeared in a split second; and yet, each one present had seen him, had heard him, and had physically touched him.

Nearly 25 years later, Cindy Demaray was visited by another tall man who appeared tangibly for her to see. This man explained that he was an Ascended Master named Lantos, and that he was here to provide assistance. One-and-a-half years later, this Ascended Master provided Cindy with instructions on how to bring forth the technology of BioGenesis, which since then has helped so many people in the United States and around the world.

Cindy Demaray’s First Meeting with Ascended Master Lantos

What is your name?

Ascended Master Lantos – 18 November 1997

Cindy: “What is your name?”
Lantos: “I am who you know as an Ascended Master. I have gone by many names over the Ages. However, the time which allowed for our togetherness was last in the Mediterranean—I was known as Keslar.

“Before that, I worked with many of the high order of priestesses and priests in Atlantis. We worked to bring Peace to those who wished for good. We offered Light when many were surrounded by the dark. There I was known as Andal Lantos. In the Assemblies, I am given the name Lantos. I am many things to many people. I am here now to offer my assistance and blessings to all who will seek it.

“This is a time where many of our Assembly are ready to give help as Earth enters her new phase. It will be a great transformation.”

What Ascended Master Lantos said about BioGenesis

Ascended Master Lantos – March 1999

Cindy: “What is BioGenesis?”
Lantos: “BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation. We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a substance and that substance radiates, or re-educates, its environment. All knowledge is contained in its seed form in the process of eight transformations associated with Creation. Let us embrace this precious technology handed down from Atlantean days. Let us transform our homes and our lives into Beacons for the Light of Peace and Generation. This is a timely endeavor. This technology must be applied in the homes. Together, many individual lights create a city. We are structuring a City of Light—the Light of Creation, the Light of Genesis.”

“The Birth of Creation is the process of assembling substance and form capable of vibrating in the mode of resonance generated by the Body of Genesis. As with all things in Creation, energy gathers form around it—intention clothes itself with a substance identical in structure, but of a denser quality. Let us review these shapes which will serve as the vital limbs and organs of the Body of Genesis.”

“BioGenesis creates harmony. I will say this again: BioGenesis creates harmony. It is important to realize that harmony is structured quite simply, quite effectively, by strengthening the inherent qualities of a region. And this is accomplished by enlivening the sequence of Initial Rotations. This is BioGenesis.”

“The physical effects belonging to the category of expected results are numerous. Any disease born of irregularity is a disease born of loss of memory and is thus reversible through the BioGenesis products. Degenerative diseases, or disorders born of stress, are the results of the corruption of biological harmony. BioGenesis structures wholeness. The BioGenesis products restore harmony. “Spiritually, the effects are unlimited. If we say this to the people, they will not believe us. But, we can be sure that the influence of the Initialization of even one Genesis Device has been carried through and beyond this Universe.”

Regarding Negativity

Ascended Master Lantos – 2 August 1999

Cindy: ‘Once the BioGenesis tools are in an individual’s home, is it possible for the Tools to then hold a negative energy in any way or form?’

Lantos: “The Tools of BioGenesis cannot hold an impression—negative or positive. The Tools of BioGenesis are living expressions of the Sequence of Initial Rotations in creation. The Sequence of Creation does indeed reflect a value of time, but on a scale much grander than human awareness can comprehend. The memory pattern of events which occur in this generation, or many generations to come, shall have no impact on the functional capacity of the BioGenesis materials.”

Cindy: ‘So, there’s no negativity that can be stored in them?’

Lantos: “BioGenesis is ever renewing. BioGenesis is ever refreshing. BioGenesis is ever restoring. No cleansing is necessary with these Tools.”

“Now is the time to rid the halls of darkness. Let the darkness find swift passage. As the months’ progress, the timely importance of this great disbursement of Light through BioGenesis shall become apparent. It is a great opportunity and a great responsibility. Let us see that the Light of BioGenesis spreads rapidly, illumining the darkened regions of this Earth.”

Negative Thought Forms Around Pyramid

Ascended Master Lantos – 10 August 1999

Cindy asked Lantos if he could explain why negative thought forms were found around a BioGenesis Pyramid.

Lantos: “The relationship of the pyramid with a negative thought form is that of the father with the prodigal son. The son returns, wishing to be restored to the proper dignity of the Light. The father invites the prodigal son to remain close until the transformation is complete.

“As we described, the BioGenesis Pyramid is the best teacher. It educates the environment—it restores harmony. BioGenesis Pyramids train objects with breath, as well as those without breath. The changes are brought about more swiftly than you would expect. The negativities do not leave as negative thought forms—a great transformation occurs; Light is restored. Do not be alarmed by the numbers a great teacher may educate; a great teacher may communicate effectively to hundreds at once. Place the pyramid high for all to see.”

Cindy: “Does BioGenesis absorb the negative thought form?”

Lantos: “No, the great teacher never embraces the ignorance of the student—the light shines, and the darkness is removed.”

Cindy: “Does it, in any way, have an adverse effect on people in the room?”

Lantos: “No, like moths to the flame, the attention of negative thought forms is fixed upon the BioGenesis Pyramid.”


The Great Tool of Transformation

Uses: To purify, to strengthen, to release the negativity stored up for centuries. The BioOscillator may be used on people, as well as the environment.

Using on People: Point the top of the BioOscillator (the side with the small pyramid in between the wings) at the area to be treated. Instruct the area what it is to do; say to the body, “Perfection is the natural state. Light is triumphant!” Speak this with great force. Wave the BioOscillator in circles over the area to be treated. Twist the device quickly back and forth with your fingers; move around the area of treatment, sometimes nearer, sometimes farther, for some time. The top of the BioOscillator may be pointed to the area to be treated, as well as the sides of the BioOscillator. The length of the treatment will vary, depending on the person and condition.

The BioOscillator may be used as its own treatment (that is, by itself), or it may be used with the other BioGenesis Tools in a BioGenesis treatment. If used in with the other BioGenesis Tools, the BioOscillator should be used right before or after the BioAmplifier is used.

Using on Land: Point the top of the BioOscillator at the land or water to be treated and give the command: “Release the toxins! Let all return to their natural state! Light is triumphant!” Treating the land may take many months of diligent work. This technique may be used on maps, treating one country at a time, as well as on buildings.

Introducing the BioOscillator

Ascended Master Lantos – 29 July 1999

Cindy: “Could you describe more about Dad’s device?” (Lantos had mentioned earlier that Cindy’s father, Dr. Bob Demaray, was to build a device that would help to rid the world of many diseases.)

Lantos: “BioOscillator is the great cosmic cleanser. BioOscillator releases toxins, eliminates the pollutants and impurities, and restores the system to its natural state. The system we speak of may be an individual, or BioOscillator may be applied to purify the living environmental system. BioOscillator releases the toxins, which were adhered to a system internally or externally. As BioGenesis is spread throughout the country and around the world, the impact of toxins on living systems will be greatly minimized. We say the words “toxin” and “pollutant” to describe a substance which generates a negative effect when it is introduced to another system. The negative effects are minimized as the BioGenesis materials strengthen the levels of harmony and tolerance within each system.

“Toxins are toxic due to their effects on the environment. Eliminate the effects and you eliminate the toxin. BioOscillator accelerates this process already under way with BioGenesis.”

Cindy: “How does this affect a person’s health?”

Lantos: “Release the toxins and you restore the clean environment conducive to health and growth.”

BioOscillator is the Great Tool of Transformation

Ascended Master Lantos – 19 February 2000

Cindy [holding the model of the BioOscillator in her hands]

Lantos: “That which you hold in your hands, the world shall come to know as BioOscillator, an instrument to bring forth very great changes, to purify, to strengthen, to release the negativity stored up for centuries. Let us look at this marvel. [Cindy showed the model to Lantos.] It is perfect. Well done, Beloved Bob. [Cindy then took it apart and showed the parts to Lantos.] You see the top of the instrument? Point the top at the area to be treated. Instruct the area what it is to do. You take the tool, point it towards the body and you say, ‘Perfection is the natural state. Light is triumphant!’” [Spoken VERY forcefully.]

Cindy: “So you just point it like this?” [She was just pointing it and holding it still.]

Lantos: “You wave it in circles over the area. [Cindy then pointed it AND waved it.] If you are treating the land, you may say, ‘Release the toxins, let all return to their natural state. Light is triumphant!’ In this way the recipient wakes up and prepares for the treatment. One thinks, ‘Yes—now—you are RIGHT about that. I am ready for perfection.’ “That is why Beloved Bob has positioned a pyramid on top of the device—the great teacher reminds the student at the beginning of class, ‘You are here to learn. You are here to remember.’ (Lantos paused) Truly—all happens in this first moment. The remainder of the treatment is simply to brush away the residual dust. You twist the device quickly with your fingers, back and forth; move around the area of treatment, sometimes nearer, sometimes farther, from the subject—like this for some length of time, whatever is necessary. [Cindy asked, “like for 5 minutes?”] It may be 5 minutes; it may be longer or shorter depending upon the project. For the earth, it may require diligent work over many months. At the beginning of each session with BioOscillator, state the command. (Lantos paused) Well, done, well done, Beloved Bob. BioOscillator shall become known in this world as the Great Tool of Transformation. It is well done.”

Questions & Answers on the BioOscillator

Ascended Master Lantos – 5 August 2000

Cindy: Can the BioOscillator be used while Wheels are on the body?

Lantos: “Yes, it is a very effective method to combine the use of the Wheels with the BioOscillator.”

Cindy: Should the tip of the pyramid always be pointed to the area to be treated, or should the sides also be used?

Lantos: “Yes, Yes! Use the sides! (Cindy then picked up the BioOscillator and pointed the tip of the pyramid at her body and then also pointed the sides toward her body.) Yes, point the sides as well.”

Cindy: Can the oscillating motion be accomplished by using fingers, both hands together (with the stem of the BioOscillator in the palms) or either way?

Lantos: “Either, as is comfortable.”

Cindy: Is there any additional information you would like for us to know about the BioOscillator?

Lantos: “Direct BioOscillator onto the map. One nation at a time. If many are participating, stand around the map. Each direct the command toward the selected country. Say the command together. Then treat the country with the motions of the Tools. Like this. [Lantos was waving his hands.] You see all tools come together on one country. [Here, Lantos was referring to many people using BioOscillators joining together in pointing their BioOscillators toward the map] One [country] at a time. Do your own nation every day. Choose 1 or 2 other nations to purify each day. Like this we will purify the world.”

Cindy: Is there a maximum duration of a treatment, or a maximum number of treatments one can receive in a day?

Lantos: “There is no limit to perfection. Perfection is the natural state.”

Cindy: When treating the land, how far will the effects reach from that point? And should one move all around the land?

Lantos: “When treating an area, select a dominant feature of the land to treat. You may select a large tree in the garden, or the tallest mountain of a range. Treat an area of significance and from that area the Light will spread. The effects will spread, but many hands are needed. Train everyone in the use of BioOscillator.”

Cindy: When treating a river or lake or ocean, can one stand in one place or should one move all around?

Lantos: “You may stand still or you may move about. [Lantos then paused.] The effects on the ocean will traverse great distances. Effects of your treatments in California will reach the shores of Japan.”

Cindy: When treating the atmosphere does one simply point it in the air?”

Lantos: “You may treat the condition of the air through the treatment of the object and more significantly the people in the environment. Treat the city hall building. Treat the cathedral. Purify the people. Help one another.”

Cindy: Is it O.K. to use pictures?

Lantos: “Yes.”

Cindy: Can BioOscillator help rebuild the ozone layer?

Lantos: “Yes.”

Cindy: Can BioOscillator help revitalize teeth and aid in regenerating teeth?

Lantos: “BioOscillator will rid the mouth of toxins which break down the functioning of the teeth and gums. You may thereby strengthen the teeth with BioOscillator.”

(Here Cindy started to thank Lantos, however, he continued answering.)

“To regenerate cells, you must treat the whole system. You may place extra attention on the desired area, but complete the whole system.”

Cindy then thanked Lantos for bringing the BioOscillator to us and making it available to the World.

Then Lantos said: “Yes, we must thank Beloved Bob for bringing out this BioOscillator. We are very fortunate. [Lantos paused, and then spoke slowly and emphatically.] We— are—all—very—fortunate.”

The Wheel of Hope

Ascended Master Lantos – 11 December 2005

Lantos: “Blessings, Dear One. It is a great joy. It is a great joy. [pause] The results of the tireless efforts and activities of the pioneers of light have generated a very great level of harmony in the Earth’s atmosphere. A state of harmony is a state of peaceful balance. The Earth is absorbing wave after wave of harmony generated by the activities of BioGenesis in America and around the world. [All this spoken slowly, with many pauses. Then, there was such a long pause, Cindy thought he was done, so she asked him a question.]

Cindy: Is this a time for any new products? Also, I recently had a dream in which a new product was introduced; is this the time for that product?

Lantos: “We are in a Season of Hope, and there is great cause for hope. The Great Beings of Light are offering a Great Blessing to this Earth. It is a blessing of a very great Light, a focus of great Energy and Intelligence to nourish the Earth. We will harness the energy of this great gift with the Wheel of Hope. It is through the Wheel of Hope that, at this particular time, we will receive great blessings. [long pause] It is good.

“We will combine the Wheel of Hope with every BioGenesis treatment involving the blessed Wheels of Genesis, and we will find the floodgates opening wide for results unimagined, what we may call miracles—miracles of this season of hope.”

Cindy: What is the Wheel of Hope?

Lantos: “I will give you the details of the Wheel of Hope. [long pause] It is the very special combination of this Wheel of Hope, at this time, with the Wheel treatments, that will bring on many miracles. We will see many great transformations. [long pause] … “It is a great season. We are blessed with a gift from Great Beings of Light. It is a very great blessing for this Earth. We are very grateful for the presence and divine assistance of these Great Beings. Many blessings.”

New Year of Hope

Ascended Master Lantos – January 3 2006

Lantos: “Dear Ones, “Greetings for the New Year of Hope, a New Year of Blessings. In this New Year, the Earth will experience a great transformation; a great weight will be lifted from the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere is awake in the process of Creation, the mechanics of Creation. When the mechanics of Creation are lively, hope is present. Hope is a quality which is enlivened when the process responsible for fulfillment of desires is awakened. Hope is the natural byproduct of the ability to make manifest one’s desires. Hope is a natural state of being in Fulfillment. Let all enjoy Hope and Fulfillment in this blessed New Year.”

Wheel of Hope Questions

Ascended Master Lantos – 26 February 2006

Cindy: “Are there time limits for use of the Wheel of Hope?”

Lantos: “There are no limitations for the Wheel of Hope.”

Cindy: “Does one need all of the 27 Wheels to use the Wheel of Hope?”

Lantos: “It is better to use the complete set of Wheels. Wholeness is better, but the Wheel of Hope may be used alone or with one or two Wheels. (pause) Use what is available.”

Cindy: “Are there any guidelines for wearing the Wheel of Hope?”

Lantos: “Yes, yes, it is a good idea to wear, particularly on days of great importance— test days for students (pause), marriage ceremonies (pause)—it is especially good to enlist the blessings of the Wheel of Hope on these special days.”

Cindy: “Is it okay to wear anytime?”

Lantos: “Yes, (he smiled) every day is special.”

8-Sided Pyramid and Multi-Colored Pyramid

Ascended Master Lantos – 11 March 2004

Cindy: Could you please tell us the difference between the clear, 8-sided Pyramid and the Multi-Colored Pyramid? Does the clear, 8-Sided Pyramid have anything to do with the eight steps of creation?

Lantos: “Yes, the topic of creation must be discussed on one’s birthday. It is good. Very good question. Both Pyramids reflect the eight-fold mechanics of creation. … The Pyramid is the Master Educator. The Pyramid is the embodiment of the mechanics of nature responsible for the process of manifestation. The Pyramid is the Great Educator. That is why we place the Pyramid at the top of the room for all to see. Each Pyramid fulfills this great role. The clear, 8-Sided Pyramid has an additional value: the 8-Sided Pyramid has been designed to communicate with every level of creation, every layer of creation. Language is present on each level of creation. This is what we call the Language of Nature; it is the language present on all levels. The 8-Sided Pyramid is designed to radiate, or speak, the Language of Nature. This is very interesting, yes?”

Cindy: Yes!

Lantos: “The 4-sided Pyramid radiates the influence of the mechanics of creation, instructing the surroundings. The 4-sided Pyramid radiates the mechanics of nature, the Process of Creation. The 8-Sided Pyramid penetrates each layer of creation with the language of creation, educating each layer of creation in the process of the mechanics of the process of creation. In each case the outcome is harmony, wholeness. Finer details are awakened with the enlivening of each layer of creation through the language of nature. The 8-Sided Pyramid enlivens finer details on every layer of creation.”


Ascended Master Lantos 1999

“BioTrinity is a holy symbol worn and carried by Masters from many Traditions, many backgrounds. BioTrinity enlivens the Three Great Rays: the Ray of Knowledge, the Ray of Love and the Ray of Purity. These Three Rays may be seen radiating from the tips of BioTrinity.”

BioTrinity is a Holy Symbol

Ascended Master Lantos – 23 April 2003

Lantos: “[BioTrinity] is a Holy symbol. It is a symbol that, when worn, brings about a great focusing of the Fiery Rays of Truth. Truth triumphs; Light is Victorious.

BioTrinity Offers a Doorway for the Mighty Flame

Ascended Master Lantos 1999

“[BioTrinity] offers a doorway—a doorway through which the Mighty Flame of God’s Fiery Vision may enter. Wearing BioTrinity bathes the heart and mind in the brilliance of God’s Eternal Fiery Dominion.”

BioTrinity for the Holidays

Ascended Master Lantos – 17 December 2002

Lantos: “Yes, the BioTrinity for Christmas. It is the sight of the Almighty. BioTrinity awakens in society the sight of the Almighty—the vision unlimited—unrestricted. These are times wherein great vision is required. We must awaken in our leaders of nations a vision of greater scope—a vision of truer scope. The BioTrinity is a symbol of such purity (pause) great purity…and great power. It is surely a Tool for these times.

“We, the mighty nations, stand poised on the doorstep of turmoil. But look, see—the Light is present; we need not stumble now as if in darkness. First, we ushered in the Light. Now, we must awaken the vision to the presence of the Light.

“We stumble out of habit—so accustomed to the darkness. Let us take up this Holy symbol, BioTrinity. It is time now we invited society: look, see here, the Light is present—no need to move about as if shrouded in darkness. It is time to see where we are headed…in which direction…and to which ends we wish to plot our course. Let us awaken the Divine vision, for it is Divine vision which utilizes the Light. How can there be vision at all without the presence of Light?

“As the New Year approaches, let us awaken the sight. New Year is celebrated with great displays of light. Let us invite the nations of the World to awaken to the sight of this Light.

“This is our call for the New Year. It is a Year of Sight. Let there be vision…let there be sight.

“Bless you dear ones.”

Place BioTrinity on Pyramid at Night

Ascended Master Lantos – 21 February 2003

“Blessed Ones, let me congratulate you on your efforts over this past year. Success, at times, must be measured by that which does not come to pass. We are still in delicate times. We must strengthen the vision of the great leaders of the world. By day, continue wearing the BioTrinity; by night place the BioTrinity on or near a Pyramid. In this way, the effects may be amplified…. Focus on the leadership. Make your calls for Peace.”

Wand of Genesis

Ascended Master Lantos 1999

“All that is guided by the currents of energy—the principle of motion—all such activities will be strengthened. Let us take the principle of wealth. Wealth arises out of the flow of energy currents moving through the physical plane. Let these currents be directed towards the home, towards the land. We remove the obstacles; we remove the detours. Your home, your land, will either serve to support the accumulation of wealth, or it will offer resistance to this Mighty and Dynamic Sepulcher of Life. We must set the conditions for support. All areas of life must receive support—this is our desire for you.

“Now, take this Wand and place it inside or outside, wherever there is a void. If it is outside, put it in the Earth—do not let it be exposed. If it is inside, keep it hidden from view. You will see greatest results when the Wand is placed into a void of energy, the spot where the streams of energy avoid. Walk around the house; you will notice these points of vacancy.”

Prosperity & World Economy

Ascended Master Lantos – 21 April 2003

“Dear Ones,

“It is time now to speak on the economy of the World. In times of conflict, it is natural to find the focus of a nation caught up in the whirlwind of events, the whirlwind of turmoil, that has led to the destruction of peace. Attention is powerful, and with the energy and attention spent in the direction of annihilation, the task becomes more difficult to generate progress in other areas of life.

“This week let us shift our attention towards the currents of energy which bring about growth and prosperity. The global economy has been weakened by the disruptive focus on conflict. The flow of the river is disrupted and weakened when a large boulder falls into its path. The river must look to regain its strength, regain its path and direction. Like this, the Currents of Prosperity seek to regain a flow of direction.

“Let us offer our assistance to the currents of energy responsible for prosperity. In the evening, after you have made preparations for bed, sit quietly, holding the Wand of Genesis in both hands. Envision the flowing currents of Light and Energy responsible for generating wealth and prosperity in society. Do this for a minute or two. Not only will this bring about an increase in personal prosperity, but this simple exercise will also bring about an increase in prosperity for society.

“The events of chaos which have occurred in recent years have interrupted the smooth flow of these generative forces of energy. It is important now that we offer our assistance in this way.

“Thank you blessed Messengers of Light. Many blessings.”

Continue Wand Prosperity Treatment

Ascended Master Lantos – 29 April 2003

Lantos: “Dear Ones,

“Do you see the power of this simple, simple technique for the increase of wealth?”

Cindy: “Yes.”

Lantos: “I thank each and every one of you for participating in this blessed activity. It is through your service that the deepest currents of energy and intelligence responsible for the generation of wealth have begun to stir.

“Let us continue with our brief, daily routine of this exercise. We will continue to stir these Mighty Currents. Just a few, few minutes of your attention and you have stirred the Mighty Rivers of Prosperity. It is a great blessing for humanity. Your active service to the Light is a great blessing. Thank you, Dear Ones.”

Shield Treatment

Ascended Master Lantos – April 2001

Cindy: “How should we address Mad Cow Disease in people?”

Lantos: “Yes, let us rid the people of this terror. Listen very carefully to the following steps. This procedure must be faithfully followed daily. This is very important as this simple technique will serve to protect the individual from many forms of negativity and disease.

“First, hold the Shield of Genesis two or three inches above the head. Next, take the Flame of Genesis and direct it through the Shield towards the head. Slowly move down the front of the body with the Flame directed through the Shield until you reach the ground. This only takes a few seconds. Now, repeat this process, starting above the head and slowly traveling down the right side of the body to the ground. Then repeat for the left side and for the back.

“This simple process gives great protection. Do it every day on every member of the family. Good. It is very good that this technique for protection has come to the people at this time. Teach this to all Custodians of the Light.

“Very good. Blessings to you and your beloved family.”

3. Wheels of Genesis