Improve vaginal dryness, increase sensitivity and enhance your sex life.



19 – RED LED lights (650nm)
12 – BLUE LED Lights
(proprietary to MyElle™ 477NM ) 
Sonic Vibration  

Our revolutionary design has 31 therapeutic LED lights, 3 of which are located on the tip of the wand. This allows you the freedom to insert the device based on your comfort level and still experience maximum benefits. Optional vibration feature for enhanced blood flow and added benefits. 

FDA registered as a general wellness device


This is a non-refundable product due to its nature of use



Light is the source of energy for all living things.  Sunlight used by plants to produce food eventually supplies us with ATP, the energy currency used in all cellular processes within our bodies. Light is an essential part of our everyday lives, and our cells benefit significantly from specific wavelengths

When you increase your exposure to beneficial light, you also increase the health of your cells. This increase means faster and more efficient cellular repair and healing.

MyElle’s™  revolutionary technology and design harness the healing power of two beneficial light wavelengths to help you achieve optimal vaginal health. Over 3,000 studies on the effects of Photobiomodulation (light therapy) show that blue light and red light positively affect the function of our cells.

MyElle™ is a non-invasive, handheld vaginal tightening wand that utilizes forms of UV free light and sonic vibration to promote vaginal health.



MyElle™ is a Photobiomodulation device. LED and laser diodes provide the wavelengths that promote cellular activity to encourage the cells of muscles, nerves, and connective tissues to up-regulate their functions.

One of the main mechanisms of action occurs in the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of every cell. When cells get stressed due to disease, injury or, aging, the mitochondria produces a type of Nitric Oxide that blocks the use of oxygen, consequently reducing the production of ATP, leading to oxidative stress, which is known to lead to inflammation and cell death.

Research demonstrates that the application of specific wavelengths and quantity of light, delivered to target tissues for an appropriate period of time, dissociates Nitric Oxide(NO) allowing Oxygen to be used, restoring ATP production, and reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation.

Once normal mitochondrial function is restored by MyElle™ applied photobiomodulation, then cell metabolism improves, allowing collagen and elastin production, nerve healing, and increased voluntary muscle control. 

In addition, MyElle™,  through photobiomodulation, can enhance the feedback loop in the nerves for maintaining involuntary (baseline) tone to the pelvic floor muscles and allow for better voluntary control over those muscles, restores cellular health and vaginal moisture.


Unlike other wavelengths, Red light at 650nm can penetrate into the dermal layers of the skin to stimulate blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the outer layers of the skin. This light can help fight dryness by stimulating the alveolar glands responsible for producing necessary natural lubrication. It can also help repair damaged elastic fiber tissue and stimulate the production of more, which can help the vagina achieve a tightening effect and increased elasticity.


Blue Light LED 477 nm is currently proprietary to MyElle™ Wellness Inc. This light has the most significant impact on the surface layers of the skin with its antimicrobial effects. It can sterilize vaginal bacteria without negatively impacting the delicate pH balance in this region. By killing bacteria and maintaining the natural pH, blue light can also detox and eliminate undesirable odors.


Sonic vibration has a positive effect on fibroblasts, participants in the remodeling of the extracellular matrix (ECM), resulting in improved muscle strength of the pelvic floor.

MyElle’s™ vibration setting increases blood flow in the region and stimulates the sensory function of nerve endings. This leads to enhanced vaginal sensitivity and improved sexual satisfaction.

How to Use Your Device

Step 1

Press and hold the power button to activate the Red and Blue lights, then select the Vibration setting or leave it off.

Step 2

Lay back and Insert the MyElle™ lighted wand vaginally to your comfort level.

Step 3

Treatment time is 10 Minutes 3 times per week, double treatment time for severe cases. To turn off, press and hold the power button until the lights shut off.

Step 4

Gently clean your MyElle™ wand with warm water and antibacterial soap after each use. Rinse your MyElle™ thoroughly to ensure all soap residue is removed. Pay attention to avoid water splashing into the electronic controls and charging port. Let MyElle™ air dry. Once MyElle™ is thoroughly dry, put on the protective cap.

MyElle™ is FDA registered and is in compliance as a low risk product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Getting Started With Your Device 

Make sure to charge your MyElle™ wand for at least 12 hours before your first use.

Gently clean with warm water and antibacterial soap. 

Pay attention to avoid water splashing into the electronic controls and charging port.

For comfort, we recommend using a clear, water-based lubricant to help with insertion of the wand; a dime-sized amount is a good starting point.